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Rachel Marie Paling Books


Discover Brain Friendly Language Learning

A book for language teachers, educators, language learners, polyglots, coaches interested in languages and anyone who is interested to discover more about their own brain!

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Why the brain blocks when learning a language

Which coaching and teaching methods are brain-friendly – and which are brain-zappers 

How to harness principles of coaching and neuroscience to give your learner fantastic results, every time.

What Our Readers Are Saying

It's a fantastic book! It gives you a proper insight into neuroscience and explains in great detail how our brain works and how it likes to learn. It's beautifully chucked down, so it is easy to read and take it all in. In my opinion, it's a must-read for anyone who is interested in coaching. Read and re-read until it's embedded into your subconscious mind. I highly recommend it to educators who constantly strive to make a difference in the quality of people's lives. It's also great for language learners who would like to know more about the most wonderful, mysterious and fascinating organ - our brain.


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Wonderful book, must read everyone who teaches languages and searches for mild non agressive and effective teaching methods. I found this book very inspiring. The only thing I don't understand is why Ms. Paling didn't find good designers to make a more appealing cover for this book. It could really be much more attractive.


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It is a very important book for experienced teachers who aspire to take their career to the next level; or to improve their teaching practice by acquiring empowering knowledge about the use of recent neurological science to optimise language learning.


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About Rachel Paling

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) • Neuroscientist • Creator of Neurolanguage Coaching® • Language Coach • Speaker • Polyglot

Rachel Marie Paling is an International Game Changer in Education, in particular, the education of languages. She has created the method and approaches Neurolanguage Coaching ® which incorporates professional coaching and principles of neuroscience into the learning process. 

She coaches and trains teachers worldwide, transforming them into certified and ICF accredited Neurolanguage coaches and has created the Neurolanguage Coach ® network with over 800 NL Coaches in just over 70 countries worldwide and is now bringing the approach to schools and institutions over the world through her licensed trainers. 

Rachel started teaching language at the age of 17 and has a BA Honours in Law and Spanish, MA in Human Rights, she is a qualified UK lawyer, MA in Applied Neuroscience and a PCC ICF Life Coach. She is the author of the books Neurolanguage Coaching ® and Brain-friendly Grammar and has written numerous blog articles about learning, coaching and neuroscience. She has spoken at many international conferences and ELC was awarded the Bronze Award at the Reimagine Education Awards 2019 in the Science in Learning category. 

She is dedicated to the shift in education and has established an educational foundation to bring coaching, neuroscience and heart science into educational processes. 

In 2020, Brainz Magazine put Rachel in their top 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to helping others.

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